Praia de Cotovelo - Natal/Brazil

For who looks for a beach in Brazil and enjoy the sun, blue sky, there is one place between many you can chose from the north to the south, that is called Praia de COTOVELO. The name for us Brazilian is funny for a village, since is the name of one body part – elbow.

The local is easy to find. It is the first beach to the south of Natal/RN, 10 km by the rota do sol, between Pium and Pirangi ( the city with the biggest Cajueiro in the world).

Coming from Europe, the easiest way is fly by TAP straight from Portugal, Lisbon to Natal/RN - only 6 hours flying time. Natal is faster for those of you that live across the Atlantic ocean to be in Brazil, than for many Brazilians travelling by car - like Belo Horizonte to São Paulo or depending the traffic, to get in Rio de Janeiro.

Flying from somewhere else, at the airport take a taxi to Cotovelo and you will be there, in around 25 minutes.

   Before you get to Cotovelo, it  is necessary to pass through a small village called PIUM. The first time is difficult to see there are two villages. Then you will discover that Cotovelo is closer to the beach. Both are district of Parnamirim, and is all together within Natal metropolitan area.

The beach in Cotovelo is peaceful and the color of the water is emerald green, warm and nice to swin. If you enjoy surf you should try paddle board here, but the waves are not big enough for professionals.
   I know one person that loves the beach and thinks is perfect for stand up paddle and sometimes, windsurfing if the wind helps. Of course  - it is Mike, my husband.  Actually, he loves Cotovelo, and some reasons are: there is not much rain, the sky keeps blue most of the time, the temperature never change. For me could be colder sometimes, if possible, with real winter – I love cold weather.

  From Cotovelo Beach it is possible to watch kite surfers in Pirangi. when it`s windy, some take the risk coming from there, passing through Cotovelo, going to a beach in Natal called Ponta Negra.

  The village has beach houses that ownder visit for vacation. Thee are not many hotels at the moment. the biggest hotel, located at the end of the south end of the beach, is Blue Marlin Cotovelo Resort (with with structure of flat). There is a new apart/hotel at the end of the north beach, (next to Barreira do Inferno), called Dunas de Cotovelo, with flat structure too. You can find small pousadas and temporary houses to rent. 

There are not good restaurants in the village. By the beach, on the south side, there are two bars open all day and close at 5 pm. From 5 pm the unique option is Pizzaria e Creperia, with short menu.  Simple food is found in Pium for lunch, and some bars at night. The best and closer way for dinner is going to Pirangi or Ponta Negra in Natal, where are many diverse restaurants
  The public transport is infrequent, running around every hour. The bus passes only on the main street, making you walk on hot weather, because a taxi never appear when you wish it, so  don't forget to call ahead.

Once there, enjoy and have fun..........Soso
praia de cotovelo

south end of cotovelo beach
north end of cotovelo beach
those buildings are in beach after cotovelo
this is Mike surfing or...paddling
the waves were not big that day

dunes on the north end in cotovelo beach
this is me
on weekends many people go to the beach to relax and drink beer
the surfs waiting for waves
dunas de cotovelo - the apart hotel on the north end

the view from Blue Marlin Resort, on the south end
Mike is windsurfing