Have you been to Jeri, in Brazil? 
The place is around 4/5 hours from Fortaleza/CE, and 1:00 is on the dunes. Best option to get in this place is paying someone to bring you there. They are many, and you can find some at the airport...(they are expensive and have to be 4 wheel drive)...better then get lost in the dunes and never find the way back if your intention was driving by yourself.
If you enjoy an adventure, can take the regular bus at the bus station in Fortaleza, that will be changed for an open long car before the dunes. From this point, be prepared to be full of sand.
If you decide for a driver to take you there, the best way is going by the beach, if tow tied of the sea permits by that day.
Once there, it is time to check the winds or just go..the wind is always waiting for you most all the day from july until november. For those love this sport will have fun on the water, renting the equipments around. 
There are many restaurants and bars in the small village, where the streets are made of sand, so flip flop are the best shoes you can bring to walk.
A good place for lunch or drinks during the day, or just to take a breath after sessions of windsurfing, is having a delicious Açaí at Clube dos Ventos, while appreciate the view

 Some pictures I have selected.
local people playing capoeira