On Jan. 7, a big turtle (that is close to extinction) appeared on Cotovelo beach. Sadly, she was dead and that was sent by the waves.

The turtles come to Cotovelo beach, where we live, to lay their eggs every year. It is a pity that the environment in Natal /RN does not take care of them. 

People throw plastic bags and polystyrene on the beach. The waves or high tides take all this garbage to the sea. The turtles probably eat this garbage, since they confuse it with jelly fish or seaweed.

To make matters worse, fishermen use their nets every day. This should be prohibited in this location, but the government does nothing to try to avoid that kind of disaster with the turtles. 

It was one turtle this time. Who knows the future for them, if the beach continues like this. No place to throw garbage, people don't collect their beer cans, plastic bags, cups, pieces of styrofoam box etc, etc. after they enjoy the beach.

The turtle was buried without knowing what caused the death...but that is easy to guess.

Hello Brazil, hello government of Rio Grande do Norte!!!.

Wake up and start to protect the seas and these beautiful animals.