An evening at Midway Mall-Natal/RN

Last night we (Mike and I) decided to go to the Midway Mall in Natal/RN (the biggest Mall of the city) look for a cable for his computer.. and get out for the small village to fill like you are in a nice place, when in the Mall.
After that, was time to walk around putting the nose on the windows and wish to buy many, many new clothes and shoes, since they are on sale. It is the last season collection (summer), but since in the northeast in Brazil the temperature is always the same, summer ever and ever, could select many pieces to wear for all day in the year. But, the person here is poor, kept only the wishes.
We went to Abade restaurant for dinner and the food was absolutely delicious.

To walk on the Mall nothing better than a pair of comfort shoes...the feet say thanks.